Sex Crimes

If you or a loved one is under investigation for any sex crime, including lewd and lascivious molestation, you will want to hire an attorney immediately.
The most crucial advice during investigation is to assert your 5th amendment right not to talk. Anything you say will be twisted to make you appear guilty. For example, a seemingly innocent question such as: “have you ever been alone with (alleged victim)” can be used against you. If you answer “yes”, then that is used as evidence against you. If you answer “no”, then that is also used against you. Any answer you give during an investigation is going to be considered evidence against you. When under investigation, an individual is in a “darned if you do, and darned if you don’t” situation. So, your only option is to not speak at all. The only correct answer to any question if you are under investigation is either nothing at all, or to say “I want my attorney”. Be adamant throughout any questioning that you will not speak with any investigator about any subject without your attorney present. Regardless of how threatening or how kind law enforcement may appear to be.
This means do NOT answer any questions, even if those questions seem to be about another subject altogether.
People often ask me why I represent clients charged with sex crimes. One answer is that many people are often falsely accused. Child custody battles gone bad, or someone who is vindictive enough to accuse someone of a heinous crime are a couple reasons that people are falsely accused. Another reason I represent clients accused of sex crimes is because of “Romeo and Juliet” statutes that allow consenting individuals to be charged with sex crimes. There are literally thousands of registered sex offenders who are currently married to the alleged victims, and their lives are so difficult due to the registered offender status.
So many innocent people end up taking a plea on sex crimes cases because the risk of going to trial is so great. If one goes to trial and loses, they can face from 15 years up to life in prison. Therefore, falsely accused individuals are practically forced into taking a plea. The reason to avoid trial is simple: jurors tend to believe an individual claiming to be a victim, especially if that person is a child. Explaining to a jury how that children can be so easily “coached” into false accusations requires the hiring of experts in the field of Psychology.
All of these are reasons to hire a competent defense attorney when under investigation or if arrested for any sex crime. Hiring a criminal defense attorney is imperative to mount an aggressive defense case. Call the Law Office of Sherry I. Jones if you need help with this type of case. 850-934-6554.

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