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When you were placed on probation rather than sentenced to jail or even prison as the result of a criminal charge you certainly were relieved and pleased. However, over time you may have come to understand that probation can be a challenging experience. Some people have described the process of living life on probation as being akin to wandering through a maze. You never really know when you are going to reach a dead-end.

If you have encountered such a dead-end in the form of a probation violation you need to be certain that you consider seriously engaging the services of a well trained and highly experienced Florida probation violation attorney. You cannot lose sight of the fact that one of the possible outcomes of a probation violation is going to jail or prison.

Through the years, Sherry Ivey Jones has represented many men and women facing probation violations. Indeed, she has garnered the reputation for being a very capable and effective Pensacola probation violation attorney. Therefore, if you have been charged with a probation violation – if you have been struggling with a probation violation on your own – you will want to take a moment to review the information at this website and then contact Sherry.


Pensacola, Escambia County Probation Violation Lawyer: Fighting for Your Rights

The fact is that when you are charged with a probation violation you have definite rights. These include:

  • the right to a hearing
  • the right to present evidence on your behalf
  • the right to present witnesses
  • the right to cross-examine witnesses

Indeed, you actually do have other rights as well. If you want to learn more about your rights – and about how a talented and skilled Florida probation violation attorney – can protect those rights throughout the process, you will want to make contact with Sherry Ivey Jones today. As will be discussed in a moment, Sherry is available to provide you a no obligation, no charge initial consultation immediately to outline what can be done to defend you against a probation violation.


It’s Your Future – You Need Powerful Legal Representation from a Florida Probation Violation Lawyer

You have already been through the criminal justice system one time which resulted in the probation sentence. You simply cannot afford to go from being on probation to something even more serious. As mentioned above, the net result of a probation violation can be time in jail or prison. Even if that does end up being the final outcome of the allegation that you have violated your probation, you can end up being required to spend more time on probation, be sentenced to a more strict form of probation or even end up on house arrest or home detention. In short, your life can end up being disrupted even further.

Schedule an Initial Consultation with a Florida Probation Violation Lawyer Today

Ensuring that you have an experienced, effective Florida criminal defense lawyer at your side is crucial to ensuring that your rights fully are protected when you are charged with violating your probation. You need to hire a Florida probation violation attorney very promptly in such a situation. Sherry Ivey Jones understands how important your case is and what needs to be done to provide you the legal representation that you must have – right now. Contact Sherry and schedule a no-charge initial consultation today:

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