You are Stopped by Police

If you have been stopped by the police in Pensacla, Milton, Pace, Gulf Breeze, Navarre, Fort Walton, Destin, Shalimar, Crestview or DeFuniak Springs, Florida, be courteous and treat them with respect. Whether in a vehicle or not, keep your hands where the officer can see them and, when asked, identify yourself. Do NOT offer any information that could lead the officer to believe, or to confirm, you may have violated the law.

Often police officers ask a person stopped in a vehicle if they’ve been drinking. Many times a person will respond by saying, “I only had one beer” thinking that the officer will appreciate their honesty and not pursue the matter further. A comment like that gives the police officer probable cause to believe you may be operating your vehicle under the influence of alcohol and could then ask you to take field sobriety tests. It is in your best interests to tell the officer nothing other than your name. Even if you think what you’re saying is not incriminating and can’t be used against you, it is not worth taking the risk. Say nothing that can be used against you and make matters worse at a later time.

You are under no obligation to tell the police anything. Police may intimate that it would be better for you if you talk to them. If they have enough evidence to arrest you they will if you talk to them or not. People believe they’ll be better off if they answer the police officer’s questions but they usually end up providing the police with information they may not have had before. You probably won’t be able to talk your way out of being arrested if the police have evidence against you.

If you are arrested after refusing to talk to the police, and if they did not have probable cause for the arrest, the arrest can be challenged in court. If you attempt to talk your way out of the arrest everything you said to them could be used against you. If you want to talk to the police speak to a lawyer first. Call Sherry Ivey Jones for a free consultation.

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