You Need a Lawyer

A Lawyer to Trust

Finding a DUI or Criminal Defense attorney to work with you when you’re going through a difficult time can be a daunting task. Don’t jump at just the first attorney you find, or a “guy who knows a guy”. Your future and your freedom is at stake. Don’t leave your case up to someone who isn’t well versed in criminal defense work. You need a lawyer that will work for you and ensure your rights are observed. Sherry Ivey Jones is a former prosecutor, and knows her way around the court room and the legal system.

A Lawyer that Cares

You deserve an attorney that will pay special attention to your concerns and fears. Sherry is compassionate and caring to all her clients and helps them through one of the toughest experiences of their lives. If you or a family member has been arrested for a DUI or other Crime, Contact Sherry today.

You deserve the respect and dignity that anyone paying for a professional service would expect to receive. Sherry believes her clients, and is prompt to return their phone calls.


A Lawyer that Works

How terrible would it be to retain a lawyer, get ready for your case and have your attorney take the easy way out? Or worse yet, they are so out of their element that they can’t effectively defend you? Sherry Ivey Jones practices ONLY criminal defense law. She is comfortable in court and fights zealously for her clients cases. She is not a “plea only” lawyer, and is willing to go all the way to trial to ensure that her clients have their day in court.

Sherry Ivey Jones has a track record of quality care and service for her clients. She will earnestly fight to win and get favorable results. If you’d like to read a testimonial from one of Sherry’s satisfied clients, please click here.

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