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Arrested for DUI

If you or a member of your family have been charged with a DUI in Escambia, Santa Rosa, Okaloosa or Walton county it is imperative that you obtain the services of an experienced, qualified and dedicated DUI attorney for your case. You need to understand that even if this is only your first time ever facing charges of driving under the influence, you can face very serious penalties that can include:

● Jail time
● Stiff fines
● Loss of your driving privileges


You cannot leave anything to chance. You need to retain the services of a DUI attorney like Sherry Ivey Jones immediately.


It Could Happen to Anyone …

There is a real underlying truth associated with a DUI case. That reality is that nearly anyone could have been charged with driving while intoxicated at one time or another in his or her life. Depending on a variety of circumstances, a person actually can be over the limit, can be legally considered to be driving while intoxicated, if only a drink or two have been consumed.

Of course, understanding that almost every individual – even those who enjoy only an occasional drink or two – can end up charged with DUI really doesn’t solve your problem. But, it can underscore the need for a talented and credible Florida DUI attorney. While some people go it on their own when charged with a DUI and do not obtain legal counsel, and while some individuals do not retain a DUI lawyer in a timely manner, these are precisely the same individuals who find themselves facing more significant penalties when charged with DUI.


Protecting Your Rights with a Qualified, Aggressive Florida DUI Lawyer

It is important to contact a DUI attorney to stand up for your rights… Sherry will be aggressive in defending you against DUI charges.

You need an attorney that will not just stand on the sidelines but who will take a proactive stance in fighting for you – a Pensacola DUI attorney who will tirelessly dedicated himself to ensuring that your rights and interests fully are protected and that you obtain the most favorable resolution of your case.


Schedule an Initial Consultation with a Florida DUI Attorney Today

Ensuring that you have an experienced, effective Florida criminal defense lawyer at your side is crucial to ensuring that your rights fully are protected. You need to hire a Florida DUI attorney immediately – you cannot afford to wait to retain a lawyer. Sherry Ivey Jones understands how important your case is and what needs to be done to provide you the legal representation that you must have – right now. Contact Sherry and schedule a no-charge initial consultation today:

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