Controlled Substance Possession in Florida

In short, controlled substances are defined as any medication or drug whose manufacture, processing, distribution or possession is regulated by law. Specifically in this article, we’ll talk about possession of drugs that are Schedule II-V, as these are legally available with a prescription, but fall under different rules than Schedule I drugs. If you are […]

Defuniak Springs Drug Possession Information

Northwest Florida is home to one of the highest concentrations of marijuana growing operations, and crystal meth labs in the state of Florida. Police and DEA are cracking down on illegal drugs all through the Panhandle. Sometimes in their eagerness police will arrest someone without proper evidence, or without following due process. If you are […]

Okaloosa County Drug Paraphernalia Charges

What is Paraphernalia? If you are arrested for drug possession one of the ad on charges oftentimes is possession of drug paraphernalia. To determine whether this charge is valid or not your attorney needs to know certain facts. These facts and circumstances can be crucial in the outcome of your case. The legal code for […]

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