VOP Client Review

Miss Sherry Ivey Jones has been such a pleasure to work with. I had contacted multiple lawyers and explained my situation (violation of probation) and each one, except for Miss Jones, wanted me to come in person during office hours before giving me any quotes or advice. Miss Jones always got back to me in […]

Preparing for the Unknown

I’m a recent client of Sherry Ivey Jones and decided to share my story with you all hoping that it will help someone in a similar situation. After failing a random drug test while on Florida Probation, I didn’t know what to do. A friend told me about Sherry’s free consultation and I called her. […]

Domestic Violence Attorney in Escambia County

  Your home is a sanctuary, and you may think that nothing could go wrong. Arguments between you and your spouse or significant other can escalate to the point of police involvement. The police may arrive because of a concerned neighbor, or they were called by the other party, but if Escambia County Sheriff’s Office […]

My Florida Violation of Probation Story

Hey all. It’s me again. I’m a client of Sherry Ivey Jones. I’m sharing my testimonial with the hope that my situation will help those that are going through similar matters. As I wrote in recent posts, I had been on Florida felony probation for two years and failed a drug test. So many times […]

Controlled Substance Possession in Florida

In short, controlled substances are defined as any medication or drug whose manufacture, processing, distribution or possession is regulated by law. Specifically in this article, we’ll talk about possession of drugs that are Schedule II-V, as these are legally available with a prescription, but fall under different rules than Schedule I drugs. If you are […]

Your Gulf Coast Criminal Defense Attorney

If you live in the Gulf Coast area, or are just visiting, and are charged with a crime, you need to hire a local attorney to defend your case. Sherry Ivey Jones will defend you in your hour of need. She focuses on all criminal defense law and has resolved numerous cases on DUI, Assault […]

The Day It All Changed

Hello all. It’s me again. I’m one of Sherry’s clients and telling my story with the hope that my legal drama will help others in similar situations. Due to my initial charges, I was given five years of probation with the chance to end it early, if I could pay the ordered restitution before that […]

Arrested for DUI on Vacation in Northwest Florida?

If you’re arrested for driving under the influence when visiting Northwest Florida you need a qualified defense attorney that handles DUI cases. Getting a DUI while on vacation makes a difficult circumstance that much more so. Hiring a qualified attorney can help you with such details as getting a hardship license, handling your court dates […]

My Personal Legal Drama

Hello everyone. I’m one of Sherry’s clients. I’m writing my story for you because I feel it will hopefully help those that are experiencing similar situations to cope with the matter and make potentially better choices in their journey. First off, I’m a good-hearted person. But, aren’t most folks? I’m educated, kind, work hard and […]

Defuniak Springs Drug Possession Information

Northwest Florida is home to one of the highest concentrations of marijuana growing operations, and crystal meth labs in the state of Florida. Police and DEA are cracking down on illegal drugs all through the Panhandle. Sometimes in their eagerness police will arrest someone without proper evidence, or without following due process. If you are […]

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